Breathe Magazine

Volume 7 Issue 1

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Come with us to Brazil, Mongolia and Australia: Grab the newest issue and read yourself through the experiential journal of adventure and endurance lifestyle. Volume 7, Issue 1 of Breathe Magazine dives into the epic, an experiential guide to creating your own.


In This Issue:

Nicola Cameron was booked to travel to Brazil to cover the Ecomotion/Pro adventure race. The assignment was to collect and report on all the details of the race for our new live event coverage production and for a future article, but sometimes (most of the time) writing and reporting about these events becomes an adventure of its own.

Ray Zahab ran across a large portion of the Gobi desert in Mongolia, a massive adventure in planning alone. But the unknown or unexpected that happens on these expeditions is something that you really can't plan for, and for Mongolia, it became the essence of the adventure. Find out how Zahab and his crew embraced the unknown, and made their journey to the edge an unforgettable one.

“Unforgettable” is a matter of perspective. The crux of David Barlow's adventures for 2013 was a hellish trek through the blazing heat of the Lake Frome, in Australia. You can learn a lot about yourself while trekking through what appears to be an endless flat of salt sand and brine, as Barlow explains.

Plus, more from our adventure writers on ultra running, somewhere in between pro and amateur, trail running Fernie, B.C., and of course cooking mouth watering meals for the pre or post epic adventure.

This issue of Breathe Magazine dives into the epic; an experiential guide to creating your own.